As a culturally Catholic gender-queer, I am using the format of traditional Catholic holy cards to present people who were born female bodied, but chose to live outside of the traditional female gender roles of their society.  I research and choose individuals whose gender presentation was more masculine than feminine, who had documented relationships with women, and are from diverse ethnic, societal, and geographic backgrounds in an effort to bring forth lost history.  Many of these individuals have been heterosexualized, criminalized, or their stories were intentionally censored in an effort to hide their queer identity. The portraits involve extensive research into aspects of each person's life, social class, employment, clothing and environment. Each piece is accompanied by an abbreviated history of the person’s life. I strive to be historically accurate, detailed and culturally sensitive to each individual.

To read a more detailed statement of my process and use of terminology, please see the About Butch Heroes page.

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